The Company

Express One are a UK based technology company supplying a huge variety of the latest electrical products, at the most competitive prices in the British isles. We have a large stock amounts at our sizable warehouse and can cope with satisfying large orders. Not only that but also a large team of technical specialists, which are utilised to search out the latest and best technologies via their deep technological knowledge base and strict product testing procedures.


Customer focused Approach

We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and want to make sure your buying experience with us goes as smooth as possible. We want your satisfaction level with our services to be as high as the quality of our products we provide. Our core aims is to make sure we treat you with the best customer service from time you take the order through to checkout to the time you receive the product and even include after purchase care. Mutual loyalty is what we strive to achieve

In the unlikelihood of having an issue with the product our online technical team will help to try and resolve the issue with you, before needing to return the product. In the circumstance where the product has to come back to us, a fast returns system will ensure you will receive a working replacement as soon as possible.


High Quality Products

The variety of tech available from our online store is sourced from highly regarded and recognised brands/manufacturers. Trust precedes loyalty so keeping customer faith levels high in what the website sells is an endeavour we pursue. Our aim is to impress with high services levels and quality products so you have no issue with coming back to us time and time again.    

If you find the same product elsewhere at a lower price than the price listed on this website, we will price match and also offer 10% off your next order.  


Always Available – Fast Delivery

Do you need instant availability and in high quality amounts? Do you want the option for your purchases to be delivered within 24 hours of delivery?

Here at Express One we endeavour to keep our warehouse fully stocked with all the products we have on our website and in high amounts. So if you want to buy in bulk we are well prepared to match your needs.

With our efficient and effective operational processing systems we can make sure that the products you have order can be made ready and couriered to your delivery address as fast as you need it. We recognise that the world we live is fast moving and key technology is needed to fulfil a purpose where it affects your own productivity. If you cannot factor in delays to achieving what you need whilst utilising our products, our superfast service will not let you down.